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Spring and summer arrive early in Scandinavia so you can hire an RV, campervan or motorhome and have an early motoring holiday in complete luxury.

Yes we know that we already have a section for Europe and Scandinavia is in Europe but we decided to keep it separate from the other European countries because people surf the Net specifically looking for motorhome or campervan hire there, and we wouldn't want you to miss us!

Our Scandy section includes Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden where we have agents waiting to show you around and get you acquainted with your luxury hire vehicle before you drive off into the "Land of the Midnight Sun," which applies to most of Scandinavia in summer time.

Mid summer there is pretty much as above - light all day and night - which is a weird sensation to start with but you soon get used to it and can plan your days, or nights accordingly.

Driving over there is a breeze as the populations of any one Scandinavian country are miniscule compared to the UK. Roads are good and uncluttered and traffic jams are unheard of until you hit the city centres, and even than the traffic is comparably light.

We highly recommend that you book your hire campervan or motorhome as soon as possible when you have decided where your base will be as these things become booked solid rather early in the year, so as soon as you decide to go, book it to avoid disappointment!

We also recommend that you take care in your drinking and driving because most of Scandinavia has either a very low or a zero alcohol/driving limit, so please take care and don't get caught over the limit.