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Finland, a country to hire a motorhome or campervan and tour round, where clean air and huge pine forests abound.

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Finland, the home of the original mobile phone, is pretty accessible when you think about it - I mean, you can get there by air, by sea, and by road or rail once you get across the channel that is. And when you get there you will find that English is quite widely spoken in the cities and larger towns, though the main languages are Finnish and Swedish.

It's easy to walk around and see the sights of the larger cities like Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. But get out of the towns and cities and it seems as though the rest of the country is covered by forests, and indeed, a great deal of it is. And you can travel through the forests of Finland for weeks or even months and never see all of it. That's a lot of trees!

This is a country where nature is abundant, and about 10% of the country is covered by the 188,000 lakes, and a similar number of islands, all this in a country where in the northernmost part the Northern Lights can be seen in the winter. Now that is spectacular! 

Of course, all of this means that it makes for a superb holiday venue and well worth the hire of a motorhome to do a leisurely tour and probably take in mount Korvatunturi which the Finns claim is the (mythical?) home of Santa Claus. There is a growing tourist industry in Lapland which caters for Santa fans on an ever increasing scale.

Or you could go in mid summer when this is one of the lands of the midnight sun where it is more or less light 24 hours a day, which is great for growing crops as it enables the Finns to grow 2 crops a year.