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Hire or rent a campervan, motorhome or RV to travel round Sussex

Sussex is a beautiful county in southern England with a variety of landscapes from the South Downs and The Weald with their forests and miles of country walks to the coastal plains with their beaches.

There are tiny villages and small towns, unspoiled and just as they have been for several centuries; some are still populated and some have been abandoned over time.

It is easy to see why Sussex is popular with holidaymakers and there are caravan parks dotted around the county to accommodate them. Most of these will be near to the sea or to places of interest. But should you hire a campervan or motorhome you will be able to visit so many out of the way places which will inevitably make your holiday in Sussex so much more enjoyable.

Sussex has quite a long coastline from the Cinq Port of Rye in the east to Portsmouth in the west, and in between there are towns of note such as Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Worthing, Littlehampton and Bognor Regis.

We mustnít forget the history here though, and Sussex is popular for digging around and discovering more and more of it during their holidays. Battle near Hastings is a much visited place where, in 1066 the final battle between the English and the Norman invaders took place.

Legend has it that had there been another hour of daylight that day the tide of the battle would have gone the other way!

Sussex attracts people from all over England for so many reasons including the weather, the history and the consummate beauty of the countryside, so it is well worth your while to hire a motorhome to make the best of your time there.