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Campervan & Motorhome resources

If you are experienced campervan or motorhome users you may already have your own network of holiday parks, overnight parking venues where you can park up, wash/shower, cook etc. and generally use as a legitimate place to sleep over.  But for those without that knowledge... our pages for campervan and motorhome overnight parking stops should come in useful.

Our pages in this section are split it information down into counties, with the most popular locations and great attractions and places to eat within each area.

So far we have resources on  attractions and things to do in the following areas (we are expanding these weekly):

* South Devon  * North Devon  * Cornwall   *Somerset  *Dorset  * Sussex  * Hampshire   * Yorkshire  *

A note on parking in general for Campervans and Motorhomes throughout the UK:

Generally there are few restrictions on a motorhome/campervan parking on street, but drivers should not park so as to cause an obstruction to traffic flow or pedestrians. In Council run car parks you will almost certainly find that there is a prohibition on sleeping, camping, cooking or washing vehicles.

In addition to that many car parks have a height restriction that would prevent a motorhome from entering, but most car parks allow a large vehicle to occupy more than 1 bay provided a ticket is purchased and displayed prominently for every bay occupied.