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Motorhome, campervan and RV hire is available in Iceland - the best way to see the country!

A couple of years ago in April 2010, a volcano on Iceland which I can neither pronounce or spell, (Eyjafjallajökull I believe, but please feel free to correct me) had been erupting  for two weeks and more, the resulting clouds of volcanic ash initially grounding all flights in and out of Europe for a few days and causing absolute chaos for the whole continent.

But things like this happen in nature and nothing at all can be done to stop it, just as nothing should stop our unquenchable thirst for travel to different or unusual places such as Iceland with it's Mars like terrain.

If you like package travel where you are but one of a group then so be it, but there is a far more rewarding way of seeing the delights of this country and that is to go there under your own steam and hire either a campevan, motorhome or RV.

Being able to travel the country in luxury is something many people would like to do, but who never stop to think about the available alternatives to package holiday travel, poor souls!

Iceland was the last of all European country to be settled by mankind, and then mainly by Norsemen in the 9th and 10th centuries. They came mainly from Norway and other Scandinavian countries, and also from the Norse settlements in the British Isles, from where a Celtic element was also introduced.

Of course, this made the language and culture of the country predominantly Scandinavian from the outset, with traces of the Celtic influence in some of the ancient poetry, some personal names and in the appearance of present day inhabitants.