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There is plenty of scope for you to hire a campervan or motorhome and tour England from Land's End to Hadrian's Wall.

As we all know, the southern parts of England is where more of the population is, and the Midlands and north is where the scenery is - that's rule of thumb anyway but it doesn't take into account places like the New Forest deep in the south of the country which is a beautiful National Park and well worth a ride out to see.

Even though England is a heavily populated little country there are still so many things to see and places to visit you will be unlikely to cover it all in a month of Sundays even when you hire that campervan, motorhome or RV to tour round in.

If you pick up your hire vehicle in London then you may well decide to discover whatever delights the southern English countryside has to offer, not to mention the masses of National Trust properties there are to see before you meander slowly northwards through the Midlands and up towards the Lake District where you may wish to spend a day or so in the Idyllic surroundings that National Park has to offer - plenty of walking and nature to observe there!

If you intend seeing as much of the country as possible you might give a thought to Hadrian's Wall, the original border between England and Scotland which was built by the Romans a couple of thousand years ago. There is still enough of it left intact to make anyone realise what an amazing feature it is, and what a phenomenal amount of work it took to complete the whole wall from one coast to the other across country - rather like the Great Wall of China in miniature.