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According to the UN, "Norway is expensive but the best place in the world to live," and ideal for you to hire a campervan, motorhome or RV to explore the country.

Norway is long and narrow, measuring 386,958 square kilometres, with nearly half of the country being mountainous, and a third more covered by forest, and that is in addition to all the many lakes and rivers.

It is one of the five Nordic or Scandinavian nations which lie within the northern stretches of Europe, and it shares borders with Sweden to the east, Finland and Russia, to the west by the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and to the north by the Barents Sea, to the south by the North Sea.

If this sounds ideal to the reader then it is much more so to those who have already enjoyed the delights of this wonderful country, one of those which can rightly be described as "the land of the midnight sun" in the summertime. Pretty dark in the winter though but you can't win em all.

Some things to do when you get there, as well as driving round the country that is, include seeing some of the magnificent Fjords, and two of them are especially famous: The Geirangerfjord is on UNESCO's World Heritage list and the Sognefjord which is the longest one. It is well worth booking a cruise on one or both of these if only for the experience.

Or whilst you are travelling you may as well go on the Hardanger National Tourist Route which you can part drive and part walk to enjoy this scenic road and see waterfalls, glaciers, the Hardangerfjord and Hardangervidda - one of Europe's largest mountain plateaus.

There are plenty of places to stop for a while for a snack or a swim, try your luck fishing or just enjoy the views and the peace and quiet. Remember to pack your fishing rod!