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Campervan & motorhome hire in Netherlands

Just like France, the Netherlands is another country where you may have to think twice about where to hire your campervan or motorhome. Do you hire here in the UK and pay the ferry charges to get across the channel, or do you travel straight there and hire in Holland itself?

Both have their pros and cons, on one hand you have the ferry charges, which are certainly a consideration, and on the other you probably have to travel over to Holland with your luggage - and not take everything you might want.

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But when you get there you are free as a bird, free to travel at your own pace with no timetables whatsoever, and as there are no borders now between most Western European countries that has become very easy indeed.

This is worth a thought: you can travel all over Western Europe without the need for constant packing & unpacking in so many hotel rooms.                            

It matters not where you're heading - Scandinavia, the Alps, the Tulipfields, the Mediterranean, Barcelona or Paris - it's easily done with a motorhome or campervan - and in luxury too!

It is worth remembering that The Netherlands (Holland) is a constitutional monarchy the the head of the state being the Queen Beatrix. Holland is a small and flat country with total area of 34 thousand square meters.

The distance from the North to the South is approximately 400 km and from the West to the East - 300 km. Approximately 40% of the Dutch surface are located below sea level, so don't burst that Dyke!