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Campervan insurance for both UK and Europe. The cheapest campervan insurance or your money back!

If you are hiring your camper you most certainly need insurance, and it is worth will making sure you get the right cover to suit your needs. Fully comp is always recommended as it covers the contents as well as the vehicle, though you also have the option of third party and third party fire and theft. You may well find though that the hire company insists that you take out comprehensive insurance to cover any and all eventualities.


Campervans are pretty much the same as motorhomes really (We're sure you know this anyway) apart from the physical size that is, but we have listed campers on a separate page because some people prefer to use that term just as the inhabitants of Australia and NZ do.

If you click on our banner you will see that you can get a quote which will be the cheapest insurance - or your money is refunded, which is one heck of a statement by any standards.

On top of all this it is possible to negotiate a discount on your campervan insurance for restricted driving, with mileage discounts up to 5000 miles.