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Campervan hire or motorhome rental are the best ways to tour round Australia

Australia is one huge island, in fact, it is the sixth largest nation in land area after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil, but it still has a relatively small population of around 20 million or so inhabitants, or roughly a third of the UK population.

Most of the population live around the coastal areas with about 70 per cent of them living in the 10 largest cities, but the largest concentration of inhabitants live along the eastern seaboard and the south-eastern corner of the continent.

Australia is a federation made up of six states and two territories, the largest state being Western Australia which is roughly the same size as Western Europe. Pretty big then by any standards, which means that travelling from point A to point B can be several hundreds of miles (for a short trip), up to several thousand if you're on a major tour.

But if you only have a few weeks to see all the major places of interest in this vast country then flying from place to place would be a hugely expensive option, so why not follow the tourist trails in luxury with a campervan hire or a motorhome rental - virtually the same animal but Aussies call them all campervans or RV's.

Through our site you can book your campervan hire in Australia, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your drive round the continent. To book Motorhome, campervan or RV hire, simply use our booking engine above for a quotation. You can email the quote to yourself for review, or you can proceed and book online, adding extras as you proceed through the booking process.